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Market application of available gum
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Water dispersion method for obtaining natural glue:
High speed mixing method (low viscosity method): room temperature, the curdlan dispersed in the water at room temperature, with high speed stirring mixer (3600rpm/60Hz, 3000rpm/50hz) to modulate the relative low concentration of curdlan dispersion. When mixing, do not let the dispersion of the temperature above 40 degrees Celsius, stirring up the temperature will lead to a decline in the strength of the colloid. Because of the high speed mixing will be mixed with air dispersion, if you want to get a higher quality of the colloid, should take off the scene (change) gas measures.
High viscosity method: at room temperature, can be obtained in the normal temperature of the water in the water, while stirring slowly, while slowly adding hot water, until the dispersion of water temperature reached 50 degrees C. When the viscosity is increased sharply, with ice, the water temperature dropped to 35 degrees celsius. Note: if the dispersion is maintained at a temperature of about 50 DEG C for a long time, the colloid strength will decrease. The need to achieve a certain degree of dispersion viscosity or effect on foaming, molding and other essential characteristics, is widely used in the production of bean curd processing, jelly food, vegetarian food and other production, this method is very effective in forming with high viscosity and high moisture content of aquatic food processing etc.. In addition to using hot water and ice to adjust the temperature, with the function of the mixer to set the temperature adjustment can also be.
Note: the natural glue can be placed directly into the temperature above 50 degrees Celsius in the rapid expansion of water, so it must be dispersed in water at room temperature and then heating.
Alkaline swelling / dissolution method: in the solution can be dissolved in alkaline solution to make it swell, can be produced with warm water to produce the same high viscosity liquid (pH 11 ~ 12). This method can be used in the production of water processing products and surface products without the need of warm water and hot water. In addition, in addition to the direct use of available colloidal gel, can be done without high speed stirring. Alkaline substances can be used sodium hydroxide, sodium phosphate three, tricalcium phosphate, etc..
Note: directly into the alkaline solution can be put into the alkaline solution will form a rapid swelling, therefore, it is necessary to be able to get in advance in the water after the addition of alkaline substances.


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