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Market application of gellan gum
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Gel products with water based gel sweets are very popular. As long as a small amount of gellan gum can be used for gelatin dessert to improve the thermal stability and improve the freezing point, without the need for frozen glue. Gellan gum also improves the thermal stability of other gel products.
In some special meat products, fish and vegetable products, add the glue can be more attractive and juicy taste. Preferred gelatin. But gellan gum can completely or partly replace gelatin to improve flavor.
Although the gellan gum is not currently used in the standard high sugar confectionery sauce, it can be used in non - standard similar products, especially in the increasingly popular low - sugar fruit - based dispersion beverage. High methoxyl pectin (gelling agent in standard jam) need to carefully control the pH with high sugar content, therefore it cannot be used with low solids content in products. Low methoxyl pectin or carrageenan, as currently the most commonly used alternatives but can not meet the needs of processing technology and shelf stability required. Gellan gum in food processing products provide a good stability, and because the concentration of its special texture and use is very low, can be attributed to taste and appearance of excellent products. Its low dosage and ease of use make it a manufacturer's favorite.
Starch based products are widely used in baked goods, which are similar to jellies and jams, but often contain starch. Gellan gum can provide the same benefits as jam and jelly products, such as: increase the stability of starch glue, enhance the texture, reduce the amount of starch. To enhance the texture and ability in the shear and after deposition can partially restore the texture, can give fruit pie, cake filling good "baked not fade", which has a strong appeal to consumers.
Similar to baked fillings, pudding is a dessert with starch as the main thickener. Can be purchased to have been done or simply add water or milk into the form of dry powder. A pudding requires a thick, not structured gel. Because these products are very attractive to consumers, generally do not add a gelling agent to prevent the formation of the desired texture changes. Gellan gum is acceptable, however, because of the low amount of gellan gum, while maintaining the good structure and stability of the dough. Here, the production process does not have to change.
Starch, pectin, gelatin and agar are often used in confectionery products of high solids, and are sometimes used in combination with other artificial hydrocolloid. Typical products include starch jelly, chewing gum, pectin jelly etc..
Since these products are to be produced by heating and cooling, gellan gum can often be used without modification of the process. By applying gellan gum and suitable starch, the setting time of the starch jelly can be reduced so that the product can be removed more quickly from the starch mould. Different texture can be obtained by adjusting the ratio of starch to gellan gum and their total amount. The thermal stability of gellan gum can give better gelatin candy, thus more easily preserved in room temperature high. The use of gellan gum can also produce a good quality, perfect flavor release and long shelf life of candy.
The main ingredients of baking food, such as sugar and water, and other optional additives such as fat, pigment, flavor, dispersant and solid cream. Stabilization of such systems is difficult, often using many different hydrophilic colloidal systems. In addition to the possibility of agar, any other colloid can not be used alone, it is proved that gellan gum is ok. Gellan gum can bring good shelf life, moisture retention, dispersion, luster, texture and flavor release.
Drink gellan gum may provide additional benefits for soft drinks, soft drinks available for different flow underfill (Fluid-Gel) technology to stabilize, this technology is widely used in many food products including milk, cakes, and fluid substances in these products is produced by homogenization of gel, gel flow usually mix liquid mixture in the cooling process, the interruption of the normal gelation process obtained.
Soft drinks, the system can also form a weak gel. The shaking package breaks the texture and can produce a fluid that is similar to that of the fluid. Fluid-gel technology can be used to modify the flavor and texture of lemon juice, chocolate milk, pulp beverage, fruit juice beverage and carbonated water and improve the taste. The technology can also be extended to other applications, such as low / fat free drinks, chocolate milk drinks, soy sauce, ice cream, whipped cream, and other products with low viscosity and high suspension.
To develop a new type of beverage products, can be added in the drink gellan gum beads (including different colors and flavors). Gellan gum beads were prepared by diffusion solidification. The hydration of gellan gum solution into solution containing high concentration of flavor, flavor diffusion into small droplets and condensed into small beads.
Dairy products in a range of dairy products, such as butter cake, ice cream, yogurt and sour cream, with the heating and cooling of dairy products, gellan gum can form a delicate structure. Gellan gum, which can be used as a molding agent and stabilizer, after the addition of milk protein. A series of product prototypes have been successfully developed. Gellan gum and starch can be used to make the product show the advantages of starch structure, good stability, flavor and easy processing. The heat stability of gellan gum and low viscosity at high temperature make it possible to produce UV and thermal sterilization.
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