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Coconut, corn, soybean products, plant based products
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Milk protein is one of the most recognized and most studied proteins. Today, dairy products gradually replaced the dairy products category, is constantly penetrated into the traditional dairy market in asia.
This is mainly reflected in the past five years, the number of alternative milk beverage varieties continue to rise. The European market for this category of products rose from 30% in the world to an increase of up to 38%.
"People's concerns about lactose and milk free products have driven the growth of milk free drinks in recent years." Innova market analysis, the company's head of innovation Lu Ann Williams said, these products in the form of healthy food, first from the traditional market in Asia began to expand, and gradually spread to the western market. But in recent years, the category of products has gradually entered the mainstream in the field of dairy products, manufacturers began to choose except beans to select more plant-based foods as dairy raw materials, the first is nuts and grains."
Major soy milk has dominated the category. In 2015, the sales of soy milk products for 60% of the total amount of milk substitutes, is still the preferred raw material, even compared to 2011 fell by 1/3.
Almond milk, in recent years, the growth is very rapid, accounting for 28% of the new product category, ahead of rice milk, coconut milk and oat milk. Coconut milk has become the first choice of milk substitutes. According to Innova market research, in the first half of 2015, coconut milk accounted for most of the new products of milk substitutes.
Some of the more indulgent ingredients are used in milk substitutes. Some of the most popular flavors, such as vanilla, chocolate and cinnamon, account for 38% of new dairy products. Another notable feature of the market is that the milk substitutes drink out of the white milk, adding some flavor changes to the industry of high-end products.
Rebel Kitchen is one of a variety of flavors that are added to dairy products. Coconut milk beverage target population is young, in line with the organic trend. Recent flavors include popular green tea and coffee. There are several milk coffee drinks.
Soy milk has a very good health characteristics, the characteristics of its plant base will continue. In 2015, 90% of dairy products were added to the platform.
The most popular claim is lactose free claims, accounting for 47% of the product category, and in 2011 this product accounted for about 1/3 of the category. This is mainly due to the increase in the number of allergens, as well as people who are intolerant of lactose intolerance and concerns about "Free-From" products.
The focus on cleaning labels has accelerated the use of pure natural, non additive / preservative claims, which account for 36% of new products, and if the claims are included, the ratio will be as high as $64%. In addition, the use of non GMO claims. In some areas, such as the European Union, the law requires the use of genetically modified materials, must be explained. In recent years, the United States is also increasing concern about genetically modified, in 2015, nearly half of the milk substitute products are non GMO claims. While global products, only 1/4 of the products are non GMO claims. Even in the EU, although the requirements for genetically modified products are described, but only 11% of the products have non GMO label.
"Milk substitute beverage market is rapid expansion," Williams said, "in the future there will be further growth of non dairy products and lactose free products concern, will become an ideal way of life, rather than simply not resistant to allergens and selection. In order to provide more new things, we are not only looking for more complex flavor choices, but also the combination of milk and more new materials."
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