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The rapid growth of vegetable protein beverage leader is Coconut Juice
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Chinese people are falling in love with vegetable protein drinks.
Market Research and consultancy Mintel (Mintel) latest report "vegetable protein beverage 2016" display, with Chinese consumer health awareness growing, the traditional understanding is located with nourishing effect of vegetable protein beverage with popular. 87% of Chinese consumers said they had been drinking vegetable protein drinks over the past six months.
Common vegetable protein beverage including Soybean Milk, soy milk, cereal beverage, Coconut Juice, almond, walnut and so on, which Coconut Juice beverage is one of the fastest growing sub category. 30% of Chinese consumers said that in the first half of October 2015, before the end of, there are more than in the past to drink coconut juice, more than the soybean beverage (grain) and grain drinks (26%).
Since 2010, the overall market of vegetable protein drinks in China has been developing steadily, with an average annual compound growth rate of 24.4% and 21.3%. It is expected that from 2015 to 2020, the total sales of vegetable protein beverage market in China will grow from 5 billion 843 million liters to 10 billion 797 million liters.
Vegetable protein beverage penetration is very high, the growth rate of its sales growth is mainly driven by the growing number of high-end market. However, we also found that the preference in different sub categories are also different in different regions, such as north prefer almond, and South East is more prevalent Coconut Juice beverage." Mintel analyst Yang Qing said the food and beverage.
Hainan coconut group's "coconut Coconut Juice" has been one of the most famous brands in this category. This has been advertised as "state dinner drink" Coconut Juice drinks continue to maintain good growth in the last year. According to the market research firm Euromonitor (Euromonitor) data, since 2012, in the domestic Coconut Juice palm juice category in the super channel share for four consecutive years to maintain growth in 2015 reached 6.7%, more than the new group (5.7%), Kangshifu juice after Coca Cola Co's maid (Minute Maid) fruit juice (14%).
In addition to focus on a specific sub category of the coconut trees, Lulu and the south, including Mengniu, Coca-Cola and other companies have in recent years to try vegetable protein beverage market is growing, enrich its product line. In 2014, Mengniu launched the "plant park mills" series of walnut, almond drink; in 2015, Coca-Cola wholly acquired Xiamen grains King drinks Co. Ltd, the latter with red beans and mung beans, walnuts and other flavors of vegetable protein beverage. And in the mainland market to get good performance of his milk, has opened fourth factories in Wuhan, continue to expand production capacity.
While vegetable protein drinks are a common choice for gift giving, 70% of respondents said they bought the plant protein drinks primarily for personal use. According to Mintel report, buy vegetable protein beverage occupied the majority of consumers for home consumers with higher incomes (first-tier cities household income of more than 16000 yuan, 14000 yuan more than two or three line city family income) and consumers from first-tier cities. The purchase of vegetable protein drinks as a gift to consumers, often favored international brands, but also prefer to buy online.
In the self drinking consumers, 63% of consumers will choose to drink at home when the plant protein drinks, ranking first in a variety of consumer scenarios. Ranked second in the family and friends gathering, the proportion increased from two years ago to 57% of the previous year to 38%. There are 55% of consumers in the "eat" drinking table.
Yang Qing believes that this trend is mainly driven by women, with high school or below and two or three tier cities consumers. In view of the use of the occasion has been extended to breakfast, manufacturers add new elements in the product, so that the plant protein beverage drinking occasions more casual and diverse.
Although still occupy the advantage of localization, palm and other local brands in the tastes of the extensive purchase channels and high price, but still faces the pressure of competition of international brand penetration. Such as the pop singer Rihanna (Rihanna) endorsement of the U.S. brand Coco (Vita) coconut water, has been listed in the electricity supplier and convenience stores and other channels, and through a series of festivals to carry out marketing activities. These imported vegetable protein drinks with high-end aura, advertised product quality is better, with fewer additives, for Chinese consumers have no small attraction.
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