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There is something to enhance the ability of immunity 1000 times stronger than Ganoderma lucidum!!! Interpretation of beta glucan!!!
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     So far, it has been found that only beta -1, 3 and 1, 6- dextran can be achieved!!!
Ganoderma has always been sought after as a life-saving dianthera, called back, ever-young st.drugs immortality; now the study found that the active ingredients of Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharide of Ganoderma lucidum in the magical effect of source which contains the Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharide is mostly beta -1, 3- dextran. However, because Ganoderma lucidum is rich in fiber, not easy to eat, the content is also low, and Ganoderma lucidum has a solid cell wall, it is difficult to be absorbed by the body. Now an extraction from beer yeast Saccharomyces in beta -1, 3 and 1, 6- glucan found diverse biological activities, experiments show that this glucan has more than 95% of the tumor inhibitory rate, can be said to beta -1, 3 and 1, 6- is the "super Ganoderma hundred-percent glucan". Yeast polysaccharide using modern biotechnology to solve the problem of low absorption rate and low content of the problem, the role of the immune function in strengthening the immune system than the Ganoderma lucidum more than a thousand times, is the gospel of mankind.
The yeast beta glucan -1, 3-D history
In 1940s, Dr. Pillemer discovered for the first time that a substance in the yeast cell wall has a role in enhancing immunity. Later, after further research by Dr. Diluzio Tulum University found that yeast cell wall enhances the immunity the substance is a polysaccharide, beta glucan, and separating the material from bread yeast. Beta glucan mainly exists in the yeast cell wall, which accounts for 29% of the dry weight of the yeast cell wall.
The school offers the beta -1, 3 and 1, with a purity of 80% 6- dextran (total 85.75%) and 90% (93.36%) above the beta -1, 3 and 1, 6- glucan, active structure of beta glucan polysaccharide is composed of glucose units, most of them through the beta -1,3 with this is the glucose chains connecting mode. It can activate macrophages, neutrophils and so on, so it can improve the content of interleukin, cytokinin and special antibody, and stimulate the immune system. Well, the body is more prepared to fight off microbial diseases. Beta glucan can make the injured body cells to produce cytokines (IL-1) ability to quickly return to normal, effectively regulate the body's immune function. A large number of experiments have shown that beta glucan can promote the production of IgM antibody in vivo, so as to improve the humoral immunity. The glucan activated cells can stimulate the non-specific defense mechanism of the host, so it is widely used in cancer, infection and treatment of trauma. The -1,3- beta dextran special procedures of extraction and free of endotoxin in the United States FDA has been identified as a safe material, can be added to food in general, many reports show that mouse oral yeast beta glucan -1,3-, can increase the phagocytosis of peritoneal cells with strong antibacterial. In addition, there are free radical scavenging, anti radiation, cholesterol, prevention of hyperlipidemia and resistance to filtration virus, fungi, bacteria and other infections caused by. It is widely used in medicine, food, cosmetics and other industries.
Yeast glucan is used in astronaut's essential food. The reason is that the yeast glucan special molecular structure, can rapidly improve the resistance, excellent anti radiation function, can be widely applied to many fields: biological medicine (especially antitumor medicine), biological feed (increase the stress, natural animal) in cosmetics (which can rapidly repair damaged skin tissue).
In addition, according to the European media reported on July 2, 2008, the French food safety and Health Administration (AFFSA) recently approved health claims on beta glucan, allowing commercial propaganda on legitimate cholesterol lowering ability of this product. This is the second conservative French government to allow the declaration of the health function of food raw materials. It is reported that the Holland government has recently approved the health statement.
The start is to protect the body from cancer immunity
FDA is the first choice for improving immune function in the United States
The Harvard University School of medicine, University of Washington, University of Tulum and the U.S. Air Force Research Center of radiation biology have confirmed that beta glucan significantly improve the immune function. Research shows that beta glucan binding and phagocytosis in cell membrane receptor activation by beta glucan, phagocytosis of macrophage, and activate immune cytokines, activate the immune response process, activation of T cells and B cells, enhance the immune system, improve immunity. Improve the ability to kill tumor cells, promote tumor regression, so that autoimmune diseases can be reborn. Yeast polysaccharide can kill virus. In normal human body, there are about 5000 mutated cells (pre cancerous cells) every day, and the mutated cells are the important ways to form malignant cells, which can lead to tumor and virus infection. Yeast polysaccharide can inhibit the proliferation of malignant cells and induce its apoptosis, but also does not affect the normal function of the human body.
According to medical statistics, the human body is about 60 megabytes of a cell, can produce 12 times of 10 a day, about one hundred billion new cells, one of which is 3000-6000 is a cancer cell in the human body, that is, the moment will produce cancer. If the pressure of life, environmental impact, at any time may produce lesions. If you live to be seventy years old, one in every three people will suffer from cancer. WHO WHO latest statistics show that: cancer ranks ten in the world's top cause of death, the average of every 5 people in the world, there are 1 people were deprived of precious lives, with an average of every 12 minutes and a cancer. Talking about the color of cancer today, the last and greatest hope against cancer - immunotherapy!
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