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          Hebei Fengchuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd.was founded in 2014, It is located in Chengxi Economic Development Zone, Xinhe County, Hebei Province,focusing on food processing, believed in the "safe, healthy, green, with microbial polysaccharides to meet the demand of food industry now and in the future. Fengchuan Biotech target market is food、feed and big health industry,Fengchuan Biotech focus onvegetable protein drinks (cereal beverage), milk beverages, fruit juices, fruit and vegetable juices, compound drinks and fermented fruit juices in the beverage field; focus on potato starch processing, Instant noodles, noodles, vermicelli and noodles in flour products;focus on sausage, canned meat, fish balls and meat fillings in meat products; focus on artificial abalone, vegetarian chicken and tofu on vegetarian products; focus on flavoring of instant noodle, jams, salads and soy sauce in seasoning products.

           Fengchuan Biotech mainly research and development, production, sales of high-end microbial polysaccharides, new food raw materials,immunopotentiator,The main products are xanthan gum、 high acyl gellan gum and special compound products.The products are all safe green health food additives.

          Fengchuan Biotech always takes the market demand as the guide, regards the market demand as the R&D topic, insists on self-development during the R&D process, masters the core technology of the product, and has independent intellectual property rights. Has obtained a number of national invention patents. At the same time, it cooperates with colleges and universities in the production technology and market application process, integrates its feasibility research results, digests, absorbs, and re-innovates, and customizes products and services for customers.

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 Fengchuan Biotech Co., Ltd

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